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Marvelous Designer Salsa Dress - Project & Garment File

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Package: VA2015 Marvelous Designer Salsa Dress

Compatibility: Marvelous Designer 5+, tested in Marvelous Designer 7.5

Created by: VAlzheimer Studio | VAlzheimer.Info


1 Project File for Marvelous Designer

1 Garment Fle for Marvelous Designer


- More detailed information about Marvelous Designer Salsa Dress project is available at:

- This package was created in Marvelous Designer and tested in MD 7.5, previous versions haven't been tested

- Package is provided as is, no alterations, corrections or modifications since 2015

- Textures or texture files aren't provided with this package

- Garment and Project file are fitted to Marvelous Designer avatar, no other 3D figures are provided

Licence rules of usage:

- You are allowed to use these presets in your personal and commercial 3D work without redistributing Marvelous Designer file(s) included

- You are not allowed to reupload, or use this pack to create another Marvelous Designer file for redistribution, free of charge or for sale

- You are not allowed to build competitive products at Daz 3D, Second World and similar stores without my strict written permission to use the design first

- This package and design is created for educational and artistic purposes for 3D users, and fully belongs to VAlzheimer Studio

For any additional information and permissions that aren't included here, please contact me at:

Thank you for visiting and downloading!

VAlzheimer Studio

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Marvelous Designer Salsa Dress - Project & Garment File

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