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Visibility Presets for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 for Daz Studio

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VA2017: Visibility Presets for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 (Daz Studio)
Compatibility base: Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 figures for Daz Studio 4.9+

Created by VAlzheimer Studio, contains 103 one-click visibility presets to hide/show bones and geometry of Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 figures in Daz Studio, and a detailed PDF guide. More information and details is available at my official web page at:

Package includes:

- 1 general Show All visibility preset
- 8 visibility presets for Arms
- 8 visibility presets for Left Arm
- 8 visibility presets for Right Arm
- 14 visibility presets for Body
-  6 visibility presets for Hands
- 14 visibility presets for Left Hand
- 14 visbility presets for Right Hand
- 10 visibility presets for Legs
- 10 visibility presets for Left Leg
- 10 visibility presets for Right Leg


Visibility Presets for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 contain 103 partial and group presets to hide/show geometry and bones inside Daz Studio scene. This package was made to speed up your workflow, instead of clicking parts of the geometry to hide them in your scene you can now use these presets to do it with a single click. These presets are tested on Daz Studio Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 human figures, and are compatible with Daz Studio version 4.9 and higher.


Package doesn't include UVs or textures. Package can't be used as the merchant resource and can't be redistributed as a preset pack partially or in whole.


You are allowed to use up to maximum of three (3) presets that are included in this package as the part of the bigger package aimed for Daz Studio figures (ie Clothing, Footwear and similar) as long as your package includes geometry and texture files along and not only presets (like posing). For redistribution of this nature it’s required to copy/paste up to 3 presets as they are, without editing them, into your own product directory, replacing the preview/thumb image with your own without editing the original .duf file, and with mention of this product and/or VAlzheimer Studio in your Read Me file.

To install this package: Extract the contents from Content folder of this zip file into your local My Library/Content folder for Daz Studio. After installation of the package into your Genesis 8/Genesis 3 directory, you will find you have installed these features:

• 103 one-click visibility presets (located in Presets > Properties > Visibility Presets directory) 

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Visibility Presets for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 for Daz Studio

0 ratings
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