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30 Expressions For OOT Fiends Forever For Genesis 2 Male(s) (Daz Studio)

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*Freebies are discontinued as of 12/1/2022, now available for $5

Package: VA2014 Freebie: Fiends Forever Male Expressions

Compatibility base: Fiends Forever for Genesis 2 Male by Out Of Touch

Created by VAlzheimer Studio, contains 30 expression presets + zero preset for Fiends Forever figure for Genesis 2 Male base by Out Of Touch. More information is available at

Contains 30 expression presets + zero preset for OOT Fiends Forever Guys:

00 Zero

01 Smile

02 Bliss

03 Cute

04 Happy

05 Excited

06 Laugh

07 Confused

08 Meh

09 Concentrate

10 Unimpressed

11 WinkLeft

12 WinkRight

13 Kiss

14 WhatLeft

15 WhatRight

16 Frown

17 Disappointed

18 Disgusted

19 Fear

20 Mad

21 Pain

22 Surprise

23 Yell

24 Interested

25 NervousLeft

26 NervousRight

27 Tongue

28 Whistle

29 Yawn

30 Sleep

Content directory: \People\Genesis 2 Male\Expressions\VAlzheimer\Fiends Forever

All poses are hand-dialed and adjusted for Fiends Forever base.

Created and tested in DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro, doesn't contain Poser files.

*TERMS OF USAGE - please read:

- You are allowed to use these presets for your personal and commercial artwork.

- You are not allowed to reupload, direct/hotlink to hosted download, alter, or use content of these packs or promotional images in original OR modified form in any way for commercial or non-commercial redistribution, including but not limited to magazines, blogs, websites, forums and social networks.

- VAlzheimer Studio reserves ownership rights over packs presented on this page and details and penalties from Copyright Notice apply in any case of abuse.

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30 Expressions For OOT Fiends Forever For Genesis 2 Male(s) (Daz Studio)

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